Wednesday 28 June 2017

Students at Eruobodo House

When you enter the gates of Eruobodo House, you will notice the children and young people living there in the loving hands of the hard working staff. You might not notice the children and students who are attending secondary school or university.

Those students might even live outside Eruobodo House, to be able to attend university. But they have a bond that ties them to the Eruobodo House. You can meet the students, when they return to Eruobodo when its holidays, and then you will notice that Eruobodo is home to those students as well!

The students get their support from the Eruobodo House: mrs Grace Odetola is like the mother they would have if life would have been different. The students experience having a mother, brothers and sisters in the Eruobodo House. It keeps them motivated, stimulated and feeling worthwhile.

Eruobodo House also supports the students financially. And here is where sponsors from everywhere can contribute.  375.000 Naira or (almost) 1000 Euro is needed to make sure the costs of the current schoolyear are funded. This helps four students to finish their year.

During the year Eruobodo House is looking for funding to make sure our less fortunate students can fullfill their dreams, finish school and build a life. If you are looking for a way to support young, less privileged students with an great impact: please think about supporting a student on a regularly basis.