Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Market day in Ijebu-Ode

It was market day in Ijebu-Ode...
And we had so much to sell! We are so happy we could fill our shop with so many gifts that came out of the truck from Holland. All those products were donated by so many loving families.
Again... thank you so much!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sale of ceramic from Ghana

A small sale of ceramic from Ghana for the kids in Eruobodo House. 

Keep up this good work! 

A full truck!

After a long journey from Holland to Nigera, the goods donated by a lot of Dutch adoptive parents, were delivered by truck to the Eruobodo House.

Woow... look at all those boxes full of useful products! We are so happy and grateful!
Thank you so much to all the donors and sponsors!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Another donation

Every donation to support the Eruobodo House puts a smile on our faces.

Please look at these stuffed animals. These are donated by a nursery school in Sweden. When you think about all those children who donated their cuddly friend to help another child in need... doesn't it put a big smile, from ear to ear, on your face too?

Thanks, dear children!

American coins

These American coins from 60's and 70's are donated to the Eruobodo House!

The coins are exchanged into today's currency which fetched 100 Euro's! This will go a long way towards the upkeep of the children!

Thanks to the donor!