Critical Needs and Practical Matters

Can you help?

Critical Need: Our New Home 
Our current location is owned by the Okuboyejo family. The Okuboyejos have allowed us to use this property thus far on a free-lease basis as a contribution towards giving our children a new lease of life...but we are going to have to move at some point in the near future.

With this in mind, we have purchased land. This purchase was essential to ensure that Eruobodo House has a permanent future location and can provide our children with a home. We have also successfully managed to fence the land thanks to generous support by our many sponsors.

Update on our Project:
We are very proud that we have managed to buy the land, and fence the property. We have also built a gatehouse (to be used to store equipment etc during the building) AND a borehole is operational, thanks especially to our friends at the Lagos Caledonian society. Fruit trees have already been planted. Our building permits are nearly ready and we are primed and ready to go!

Our vision:
We have a vision: we are not only building a new house for our children, we are building a fantastic and forward-thinking center. We believe the future of our orphanage lies in partnerships with overseas groups, such as universities and other specialists, and we have already made contact in that regard. We wish to encourage research, as well as other interested parties to come to Nigeria and our orphanage - an example might be physiotherapists in training. We hope to offer training facilities also, to both our own children where possible and others from the community. Will you join us in this exciting endeavour?

Other needs: 

Medical care
Our children require special medical care in many cases. Medicines can be quite expensive on a monthly basis, and sometimes the costs of special requirements is prohibitive (such as hearing aids, or dental treatment). 
Perhaps you could sponser a child's medical care? Or contribute towards a special medical need? We are also in need of diapers (especially adult diapers).

We could use assistance with items such as funding towards generator maintenance and petrol, other general maintenance of the property, monthly provisions, monthly NEPA recharge and such like. Contributions towards our various enterprises, for example, feed for our poultry would also be much appreciated.

We are considering using solar panels for the house, which are expensive to install as well.

We would appreciate your kind donations of new or used items such as household items, sewing items, books/novels, kitchenware, clothing, cards, toys and crafts, curtains, plates/cutlery, balloons, stationery, furniture, christmas decoration, jewellery and cases etc

Please contact us if you feel able to contribute in any way, no matter how small. Every bit helps.