Tuesday 14 July 2015

Kind words from an adoptive family

The photo is of our amazing administrator/matron, the lady who makes it all go round in Eruobodo House.
One adoptive family spent some time and wrote some nice words:

During our stay in Ijebu Ode we went several times to the Eruobodo house where we met mrs. Grace. The main force behind the running of the home. A lady who is very commited to making Erubodo house, a nice place to live for many children and some adults.
She works long hours, has many many tasks, involves her own family in her work and is always up for some fun.

Mrs. Grace does not only run the house for children with disabilities, but also provides a home for many college students, who do not have a home to go to. She tries to find sponsors who are willing to help students go through college and gives them food, a place to stay but also an ear to listen.

She also showed us some parts of Ijebu Ode and told us she has not been out of the office (rather than just going home) for months. 
When there was no keke available to take us back to the hotel, she gave us a ride to the hotel and dropped off one of her employees.

Mrs. Grace is a lady to be proud off and we are very happy to have met her.
Please continue the good work you are doing and we hope to meet again!

Inu, Arjen and Carolien from the Netherlands