Monday 26 January 2015

Polly Alakija transforms Molue into mobile art

A celebration of the creation of a piece of mobile art by Polly Alakija, The Molue, which is helping to raise funds for the Eruobodo House for special children.

The Molue is instantly associated with the hustle bustle and vibe of Lagos, reflected so well trough music and the intrinsic need to dance. Our Molue depicts Sina Apaye's "Parkhood Dancers", who he trains every evening in Freedom Park.

This Park, on the site of the former colonial prison, is now the venue for able bodied people to enjoy their own good health and vitality. We have the freedom of movement. For some, their body is a prison.

Click on the link to find the lovely article about the molue by Ozolua Uhakheme that was published in 'The Nation' newspaper:
Alakija transforms Molue into mobile art

-- The Eruobodo House