Sunday 16 May 2010

The Fencing Project

Our critical need is to complete the survey. This will cost approximately N250,000. Can you help?
The Eruobodo House is currently located in Ijebu-Ode in a large bungalow provided as a free-lease. Our future at this property is uncertain and we are going to have to move at some point. With this in mind, land has been purchased. 

This purchase was essential to ensure that Eruobodo House has a permanent future location and can continue to provide our children with a home. 

The boundary stones of the new land: already bushes have 
grown on the land although it was cleared not so long ago

It is essential that this property is fenced. 
This is to be sure that there can be no dispute as to the ownership of the land. 

In a few short short weeks, new building has started right next door (see picture below) - and without a fence, difficulties may arise with others building on our land.The land is also intended to be used to grow agricultural produce and also be used in vocational training.